Become a Planter

Welcome to the world of Multiplication. Dr. Kevin Ezell, president of NAMB (North American Mission Board), has challenged us to plant more churches.  Today, we know that more people are won to Christ in new church plants than from existing churches.

If you have received a call from God to plant a church, please consider coming to West Virginia.  The purpose of starting a new church is to share the “Gospel of Jesus Christ” and to lead people into a life changing relationship with him.  Through this effort, new churches begin.  Here in West Virginia, we do not start churches to reach the “churched”, but instead to reach those who are at the heart of a very secular, post-modern society.  Recent statistics show only 11% of our population is active in an evangelical church.  That means lostness is great and could possibly indicate 89% are lost and need Christ.

West Virginia is a new work state.  Presently we have approximately 220 churches, ten associations, and state staff to help and assist men of God as they believe God has led them here to plant a new church.  In the last year God brought almost a dozen men into West Virginia to start churches.

The hope….and dream…is that this God-led movement is developing to a point that the region is transformed to a place where it is evident that God reigns.  We could literally use another 1000 churches in our state.

As you prayerfully consider your call to plant a church in West Virginia, you may be at any one of the following stages in your journey.

  • Overview Watch this short video about our church planting pathway - the days of the lone ranger church planter are over.
  • Preparation You have determined God has called you into the ministry, and you want to know how to begin the where, when, and how process.
  • Perspective You want someone to call you and talk about church planting in West Virginia.  You believe God is calling you to plant a church, but not sure where in West Virginia.
  • Pray You are asking God for his Kingdom perspective and world-wide vision, interceding for Christian workers, team development, and unevangelized people in West Virginia.
  • Process The decision has been made for you to come, and we have decided to partner with you. Now what? What steps can you take to prepare for your church plant and your move to West Virginia?

Church Planting Events