Starts: Friday
@ 6:00 pm

M.A.B.R. 2019 (Men & Boys Retreat)

M.A.B.R. 2019 (Men & Boys Retreat)

Bring a father, son, grandson, mentor, or friend to Camp Caesar for this WVCSB long standing, guys only retreat! Enjoy your time with fishing, archery, air rifles, bag toss, worship, Bible study, sitting by the fire, and visiting with friends.

* A guys only getaway to enjoy the outdoors and hear the gospel in a fun, exciting, and captivating way

* Boys from first grade up may attend. One adult must accompany every five boys.

* Pack: Bible, pillow/linens, towel, ball glove, fishing pole, archery gear (field points), musical instrument


Cost: $15

Location: Camp Caesar, Cowen, WV

Event Downloads / Documents:

Ends: Saturday
@ 5:00 pm