Starts: Saturday
@ 9:00 am

Sunday School and Discipleship Leader Training

Sunday School and Discipleship Leader Training

Church and associational ministry leaders, teachers, and volunteers are invited to a Sunday school and discipleship training intensive developed by the WVCSB in partnership with Cross Lanes Baptist.


* Richard Ross, Professor of Student Ministry, SWBTS
* Jeffery Reed, LifeWay Kids
* PK Spratt, LifeWay Church Partner


While learning from nationally known children, student, and adult ministry leaders and authors, attendees will discover how to execute a proven strategy to strengthen their church’s discipleship impact, and uncover ways to emphasize the need for a transformational Bible study ministry through Sunday school.

We will provide effective tools, resources, and dialogue in order to catalyze, organize, strengthen, and grow these age level programs at your church.

Cost: FREE

Location: Cross Lanes Baptist, 102 Knollwood Dr, Cross Lanes, WV 25313

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Ends: Saturday
@ 2:00 pm