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Trail to Adventure Conference

Trail to Adventure Conference

A Conference For Pastors, Lay Leaders, or Anyone Who Wants To Learn The Many Ways To Minister Through Outdoor Outreach Programs.

Who Should Come?
Pastors, lay leaders, camp and ministry staff, or anyone who would like to explore the numerous opportunities to touch those lives in your community who have an attraction to God’s creation and need a relationship with Jesus Christ. Over 49 million people over the age of 16, recreate in the outdoors in the USA. Add those 16 and younger and that is more than half the nation’s population! Plus 93% of the time, if you can get the Father/Husband to come to Christ, the family follows.

The Ministry and Mission
The mission of God’s Great Outdoors is to encourage the sharing of our interests in the outdoor adventures we enjoy with others. Thus, enabling our relationships to increase and pro- vide a common ground from which to present The Gospel Message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God’s Great Outdoors has aired for over 18 years now and is a 501 (C) (3) tax exempt, non-profit, non-denominational ministry. Visit our Web Site at or call at (937) 698-3656 to examine our Statement of Faith and/or Mission Statement, how we got started and more.

Listen online anytime at The Trail To Adventure!

The pastors’ and lay leaders’ conference is designed to instruct the Church in how to reach unsaved outdoorsmen where they are, so that they can find an everlasting adventure with their God and Creator.

Gerry Caillouet, Host and Producer of the Internationally syndicated Christian radio and Internet radio program, God’s Great Outdoors, will be your adventure guide. He will teach from his 23+ years of outdoor ministry experiences, which has allowed him to take part in outdoor outreach across North America as a Christian radio program producer. So, you will not only glean from his experiences, but also from the many professional outdoorsmen that Gerry has crossed paths with through his years on the God’s Great Outdoors Broadcast.

Specific Outreach Topics That You Will Learn About:

  • Why Outdoor Ministry?
  • How to Plan Your Outreach
  • How to Prepare Your Team


  • Fishing Events
  • Hunting Activities
  • Nature Related Activities
  • Camping Style Evangelism
  • Boating Adventures
  • Shooting Sports
  • Horse Programs
  • ......And the List Goes On!

For complete details, download the conference flyer.

Grace Baptist Church 70 Kaymoor Bottom Road
P.O. Box 336
Fayetteville, WV 25840
(304) 574-3100

Located On the corner of Hresan Road and Kaymoor Bottom Road

Cost: See flyer for pricing and registration details.

Location: Grace Baptist Church 70 Kaymoor Bottom Road Fayetteville, WV 25840

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