WMU Ministry

WHY WMU? Woman’s Missionary Union offers women in the local church the opportunity to lead and encourage those around them to discover and embrace a missional lifestyle. WMU in your church is a tool to help the church accomplish the Great Commission as given to us in Matthew 28:18-20. WMU provides opportunities for praying, teaching, learning, witnessing, giving, going, and growing. WMU’s work in the local church is built around 6 areas of missions focus: pray for missions, engage in missions action and witnessing, learn about missions, support missions, develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle, and participate in the work of the church and denomination.

HOW WMU? You. That is all it takes. One interested person or pastor who desires to see missions education take root in their church, no matter the size of the church. There are multiple ways to involve women of all ages, literally from preschoolers to senior adult ladies, to be on mission with God through WMU.

WHAT NOW WMU? Now that you know this, let’s do something together. Call our state office or your state elected WMU president to talk about having WMU in your church. Let’s be on mission together. Get started today.

Purpose: That every Southern Baptist in West Virginia will have the opportunity to pray for and give to missions; to do missions; to learn about missions and to develop a missions lifestyle that will impact the world.

The state convention is committed to provide associations and churches with resources, training and special events to accomplish this purpose.

More about WMU - WMU: Women on Mission

WMU Ministry

  • Director: Marie Davidson
  • 304-922-2174 or 304-425-0870

Ministry Events

  • No events at this time.

External WMU Ministry Links & Resources

Mission Friends - missions education & action for preschoolers - http://missionfriends.com

Girls in Action (GA’s) - missions education & action for 1st - 6th grade girls - http://gapassport.com

Royal Ambassadors (RA’s) - missions education & action for 1st - 6th grade boys - http://royalambassadors.org

Children in Action (CIA) - missions education & action for mixed gender 1st-6th - http://childrensmissions.com

Acteens - missions education & action for teen girls - http://acteens.com

Youth on Mission - missions education & action for mixed gender teen - http://yom.org

Women on Mission - missions education & action for women - http://womenonmission.com

Baptist Men - missions education & action for men - http://bmen.net