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How Can Your Church Support Missions Financially?
There are 2 ways: (1) The regular tithe, with your church giving a percentage of offerings income through Cooperative Program. (2) Special Offerings – Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions; Ola Cox State Missions Offering; and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions.

Cooperative Program – 80 years of Mission Support
The passion of Southern Baptists is missions. This was true when the Convention was organized in 1865 and is true today. The best way to support this passion was discovered by trail and error. In 1924, when the Convention was in great need, the Convention and Woman’s Missionary Union leadership came together to decide how to fund missions. They agreed to promote the $75 Million Campaign – the largest effort to raise mission money. The campaign reached 78% of the goal, raising $58 million.

The $75 Million Campaign laid the foundation for creating the Cooperative Program in 1925. The Campaign demonstrated how working together, cooperatively, was the best way to support missions. This cooperative giving has resulted in the Southern Baptist Convention being the largest missionary sending agency in the world. Today there are more than 10,000 missionaries serving throughout the US and around the world.

Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative Program

How does CP Work?
It begins with the individual giving a regular offering each week. The local church decides on a percentage of the weekly offerings to be given through CP. That amount is then sent to the State Convention, Sixty two and one half percent is kept in West Virginia to do missions here. Thirty seven and one half percent is sent on to the Southern Baptist Convention where the money is divided among the missions boards, Theological Education Ministries, Christian Ethics and Religious Liberty Ministries, and Facilitating Ministries (Guidestone (Annuity Board) SBC Committee and the SBC Foundation).

Note of Interest
The CP contributions for 2004-2005 exceeded the budget for the Southern Baptist Convention. During the meeting of the Executive Committee in September, the trustees voted unanimously to use the $12.5 million receipts beyond the budget for needs related Katrina and Rita (one-half for New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; one-fourth to the North American Mission Board; and one-fourth to the 3 state conventions most affected by the hurricanes).

Just for Thought
As people drop their offerings into the offering plate each Sunday, each one is sharing the gospel all around the world!

Literacy Missions Ministry

Literacy Missions Ministries involves Southern Baptist churches and associations in witnessing through meeting the needs of adults who are functional nonreaders, people who need to learn to speak English, and school-age children who need help with schoolwork.

Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ is our primary objective.

Further resources available at NAMB Literacy Missions

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