Women’s Ministry

Beginning a Women’s Ministry in Your Church

First, pray and ask God’s direction and timing. If you continue to sense God’s leading in this area, make an appointment with the appropriate staff person to share your vision and heart for women’s ministry, along with one to two specific ideas that would help get things started.

Ask your pastor or other staff leader what his vision is for the women in the church and how women’s ministry could support him in what God has called him to do at the church. Let him know you are seeking his input and response.

Be submissive to the leadership of your church. The leadership provides not only the umbrella of authority, but also of protection for all the ministries in the church. The pastor and staff see the church from the bigger picture than we sometimes do as we focus on our area of ministry within the church.

Wait on God’s timing if the pastor or leader who may be charged with women’s ministry is not comfortable with your proceeding at the present time. If that’s the case, continue to pray for God’s guidance.

Blending a new women’s enrichment ministry with an existing womenís group (such as missions group) in your church

Again, prayer is the key to opening the door for cooperation. Women’s ministry is not meant to do away with any already established ministry with women in your church. It is meant to involve more women in activities designed for them.

To achieve a balanced ministry with women you must include three key elements: discipleship, missions, and evangelism. As we reach and disciple women, God will work in women’s lives to lead them to share their faith and minister in His name to others, ideally it will increase participation in existing ministries.

Organizing Your Women’s Ministry Handout

Leaders, use this helpful tool to get started in your women’s ministry. It will also give great information regarding how to build a balanced ministry with your women and lead you to helpful contacts to further develop your ministry.

Requesting leadership training in your area

If you are in a Southern Baptist church, check with your associational office to see what training events are scheduled for your area. You may also contact aimeescalf@wvcsb.org at your West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists state office to seek training opportunities and resources.

Women’s Ministry

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