Disaster Relief Training

How to become certified in a specific area? All of our Disaster Relief training manuals are now online

Each new volunteer shall read the manual for the area they desire to serve, print and sign the form entitled “Completion and Understanding of Manual” found in the Resource page.  This form shall be taken to one of our WVCSB Unit Director.  View the list and address locations of the closest Unit Director in your area.  The WVCSB Unit Director shall sign this form, take a current picture of you and forward both your picture and “Completion and Understanding of Manual” form and send it to the State WVCSB Office.

The WVCSB Unit Director shall register you for the next available training in the specific area you are requesting certification.  After you have completed this training, the WVCSB Unit Director will forward a notification of completion to the WVCSB Office and a badge will be produced and mailed to your home address.

When may I be deployed to assist in a disaster? After you have received your training, the WVCSB Unit Director has mailed in your information to the State office and a badge stating your current picture and areas of certification on the back of the new badge, and you received your new badge are you certified to be deployed into a disaster area. You will be regularly informed of disasters and may call the WVCSB Unit Director and/or the State WVCSB Office to inform them of deployment.