John I. Snedden-Ray Slaughter Scholarship

John I. Snedden-Ray Slaughter Scholarship

See the application for the John I. Snedden-Ray Slaughter Scholarship in the downloads below. This year we will have a total of about $400 for the scholarship. Note the guidelines on the application for complete details.

The scholarship is named to honor John Snedden and Ray Slaughter. Snedden was an early pioneer in West Virginia Southern Baptist work who served tirelessly helping start new churches, organizing associations, and leading as the first executive director of the state convention. Ray Slaughter invested countless hours into strengthening the churches and to help organize the convention.

The scholarship seeks to grant funds to students who are preparing for full time Christian service at a Baptist college or seminary and who have been or currently are members of a church cooperating with The West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists.

You have permission to photocopy the application to distribute to persons in your congregation(s) who may qualify for the annual grant.

The application packet must be sent to us no later than June 1.

Note also that one step in the process is for the local congregation to write a letter of recommendation for the applicant which has been approved in a business meeting. This letter should accompany the application packet.

A selection committee is composed of persons elected by messengers to the annual WV convention in November. The committee chooses the winners of the grant each summer.

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