‘Every Single Day’ Devotional

‘Every Single Day’ Devotional

**NOTE: Pre-orders are now complete and we have a very limited number of books available at the convention office. More copies will be printed AFTER 1/3/2017 and can be delivered prior to 2/1/2017.

According to a recent report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, West Virginia has the highest rate of drug overdose death in the country. Collectively, West Virginia Southern Baptist pastors are greatly concerned about this drug culture that has darkened our state and permeated our society.

In his study of Acts 19, and understanding the connection between sorcery and drug use, one WVCSB pastor discovered how Paul responded to the problem in Ephesus. Paul taught the Bible daily for 2 years in the hall of Tyrannus.

We’re challenging our convention of churches to do the same.

What would happen in West Virginia if churches led their people to read God’s word every single day, and we raised up and sent out Bible-loving, Bible-knowing people to be government leaders, business leaders, and culture creators? Wouldn’t that radically transform our state?

To facilitate this initiative, we’re providing two devotional guides - the Old Testament in 2017 and the New Testament in 2018.

1. Spread the word at your church. We’ve provided promotional tools below that include a promotional copy (digital version), bulletin inserts, and slides.

2. Let us know how many copies of the devotional we can send to your church by December 2. They are $3 each to cover printing and shipping costs. We’ll also make available digital/e-book versions, too - kindle, iBook, etc.

Join us on this journey to be people who are not only saturated with Scripture, but people who intercede daily and earnestly on behalf of West Virginia, our country, and our world.


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