Hurricane Disaster Relief (DR) Update

Hurricane Disaster Relief (DR) Update

Hurricane Harvey relief work is beginning to take shape. Waters have receded enough to begin putting teams into the areas that have been flooded. There are a number of ways to go to TX or LA to serve.

1. Kentucky and West Virginia have a DR partnership that we are able to send folks through - September 18-28 and September 25-October 2. These will be mud out and clean up teams led by KY DR workers. If you are interested and able to serve, let Danny Rumple know (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)).

2. WV DR is putting a team together for late September and early October. If you are interested in this, let Danny Rumple know (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)).

3. If you have not been trained in Disaster Relief, but would still like to go to TX or LA to serve, you can go through Send Relief. Find information and register for these opportunities through Send Relief.


As you know from news reports, Hurricane Irma will likely hit the US sometime this weekend. This is a major storm that can/will have a major impact on the Southeast (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina). Irma has already wreaked havoc on the Caribbean, and many have lost their homes and lives. Please pray for the people who have been affected.

It is possible that there will be a strategic decision made to send DR resources east of the Mississippi to the Southeast, while sending DR resources west of the Mississippi to TX and LA. That would mean WV would focus on Florida and the rest of the east coast.  As Irma progresses and those decisions are made, we will let you know. However, it is likely that we will be sending teams and resources to Florida in the coming weeks.

Giving through NAMB and Send Relief is still the best way to donate to those who have been affected by the storm. Follow the below link to find information on giving to those who are in need.

Click here to give through NAMB/Send Relief to help those affected

Thank you for faithfully praying and seeking ways to help in these situations.