2017 Disaster Relief Training Dates

MARCH 18: MUD OUT, CHAINSAW Freedom Baptist Church, Nutter Fort APRIL 1: MUD OUT, CHAINSAW Abundant Hope Baptist Church, Barboursville APRIL 21-22: FEEDING, KITCHEN Convention Office, Scott Depot MAY 20: MUD OUT, CHAINSAW Covenant Baptist Church, Romney SEPTEMBER 23: BLUE HAT Convention Office, Scott...continue reading.

No Missions Camp This Year

Please note, we have not scheduled a Youth Missions Camp in 2017. However, we hope your students will take part in several WVCSB youth events throughout 2017 including: January 13-14: YEC (Youth Evangelism Conference) April 22: YSC (Youth Sing Celebration) September 15-16: Men...continue reading.

Funeral Arrangements for Ron McCoy

It is with great sadness we share the news that Ron McCoy passed away on Thursday morning, December 8. Please pray for Ron’s wife, Sandy, and family. He will be greatly missed. Throughout his life and fight with cancer, Ron...continue reading.

YEC 2017 - Divergent

YEC has grown from a small gathering of students to one of the largest student events in West Virginia! We are excited for the 2017 edition of YEC as we up our conference game, host in the Capitol City, and invite...continue reading.

‘Every Single Day’ Devotional

**NOTE: Pre-orders are now complete and we have a very limited number of books available at the convention office. More copies will be printed AFTER 1/3/2017 and can be delivered prior to 2/1/2017. According to a recent report from the U.S....continue reading.

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