WVCSB 2016 Annual Meeting

It’s a new day! We celebrate God’s past faithfulness, but believe West Virginia’s best days are ahead of us. It is time to pull together, expect great things of God, and attempt great things for God as...continue reading.

Church Planning Guide, 2016-17

There are lots of opportunities this coming year for your church to be blessed and encouraged through statewide training, outreach, and missions - all made possible through your faithful participation in the Cooperative Program and Ola Cox state mission offerings. ...continue reading.

2016 Ola Cox Mission Offering

God put us here at this time, for this purpose! We celebrate God’s past faithfulness, but believe West Virginia’s best days are ahead. All WV Southern Baptist churches and missions are invited to participate in the state missions...continue reading.

Flood Relief Updates

The West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists will be posting flood relief updates primarily through our Facebook Page, http://facebook.com/WVBaptists. SERVE THE RELIEF EFFORT We are compelled by the gospel of Christ, and wish to give of ourselves...continue reading.

Missions Camp 2016 Update

Due to changes in personnel, schedule and budget this year, we will not be having a summer missions camp in 2016. However, we have already begun to prepare for 2017 and look forward to seeing how God will use our churches and...continue reading.

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